Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective Enough?

1. Spam Filters? Avoid!
The numerous large Internet service providers now use meticulous spam protection mechanisms to catch unsolicited email right before it reaches their customer’s inboxes. These spam filters generally “rank” each email received by a number of criteria, and, if that particular email rates above a certain level (such as 10 spam points), then it is automatically flagged as ‘spam’ and even ‘deleted’.
To ensure that your emails don’t get spammed and deleted before even getting to your subscribers – steer clear of using such words as ‘Free’, ‘$$$’, ‘Save’, ‘Discount’, etc., in both the subject area and the in the email body.
2. Make easier subscription and un-subscription options:
On a website, invite users to enter their emails for future discounts or promotions. Remind them you will not sell their information. Update on events, or newest on-goings. Give them an interesting incentive to subscribe to your site.
Want a bigger mailing list? Then here is what to do: go for a double opt-in process, and a quick way to unsubscribe and you will have people liking you. In certain countries, it’s in fact enforced by law that every email must have an unsubscribing link in it. The unsubscribe link can easily help the users in un-subscription.
Increasing Click-Through Rates
Web pages and emails both can contain loads of text and graphics. At times, this makes it difficult to get your subscribers to perform a certain task, for example, clicking on a link to see your special offers.
Various research papers have revealed that a greater part of Internet users prefer reading text in plain, bold, blue text link (for e.g., such as this) compared to a banner or button. Therefore, whenever you include links in your emails, make sure you have them in bold, blue and underlined. This way more subscribers click through.
3. The Power of Personalization
Email addressed to your name has stronger an effect than an ordinary mail addressed to all. Judge yourself. What would you prefer: Hi, YOU!” or “Hi John”? Definitely, the latter attracts more, since it has an element of personalization in it.
The power of personalization should be adopted while sending emails. Indeed, addressing your email with “Hi [subscriber name]” instead of lackluster way all use with “Hi there”, you can effortlessly increase your readership and click-through rates by up to 800%. Is it so? Of course, since this way your subscribers feel a connection with you, as you have developed a closer relationship by addressing them by their first name.
4. Use the subject area properly.
Write a nice attractive subject for your email. This way it separates opened messages from trashed ones. For instance if you run a news site, only eye-catching headlines gather interest: “Google vs. Bing: the Google battle.”
If you are marketing your product, then write a subject which reveals news about discounts: “Stay sunny for spring with half off on floral handbags.”
5. Keep away from abbreviations, slang and hyperbole:
Phrases such as “Become a billionaire overnight!” and “Showers of $$$ – no more a dream” are sound too tawdry. It is a good practice to study your own spam first to see how your words and phrases sound to yourself. This way you can be a better judge of yourself and improve on writing a more convincing and catchy, not tacky, phrases.
6. Play down imagery.
Emails with graphics which take longer to load are an absolute no-no! In fact, some people even configure their settings to ‘don’t display images’ in their email. Better to use images with a smaller size, if really needed that is.
7. Labeling helps!
When you Label the images your email, people interested in viewing images can easily identify what the image is about.
8. Be sure to mention a call-to-action:
Be clear while constructing an email and mention your readers what you want them to do. Whether it is ‘Buy now’, ‘click here for details’, ‘Visit our website for more updates’, be sure to make your readers know what to do next. Don’t leave an element of no choice for them, otherwise they would simple close the email and report it spam, in case of future alerts from you. You ambiguity will leave them with no option then to do this.
9. Reveal Contact details:
Always remember to reveal your contact details, in case a reader wants to contact you in future. Thus, make an email signature which reveals your contacting details clearly.
10. Pass up purchased lists of emails:
It doesn’t put a good impression, really. You never know that those people already receive plenty of unwanted messages from marketers who bought their names. This way, you are more likely to produce conversions from people who want to hear from you.
You follow these simple tips and you are sure to win millions of subscribers on daily basis.
The author has written a number of online business development articles. She has been working for a highly reputed Software Solution Provider, Elevation New Media, for years now and is an expert in providing useful tips to optimize websites.

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